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Australian Plants for Mediterranean Climate Gardens

Rodger Elliot



9.5×7in • 24×18cm

144 pages

120 colour plates

index included

ISBNs: 1877058181 • 9781877058189

Rosenberg Publishing • 2004

The choice Australian plants selected for inclusion in this book all have much to offer for cultivation in mediterranean region gardens.  While not all of them occur naturally in Australia's mediterranean regions, their attributes and adaptability make them suitable for gardening in such regions.  In most cases these same plants will also perform well in most other temperate and subtropical regions of the world.

The Introduction provides background information on the Australian landscape, including its past history and its present fantastic plant life, as well as Mediterranean regions of the country.  There is basic cultivation information on container plants, pruning and shaping of plants, watering, fertilising, mulching, propagation, pests and diseases.  The aspect of weeds and their relevance to gardeners is discussed as they are now of global importance.

Under the various headings of Groundcovers, Tufting Plants, Climbers, Shrubs and Trees over 100 very choice plants are described.  Cultivation and propagation information is provided for each plant, together with suggestions for plant groupings under the heading of 'Picture Making'.  In the Picture Making segments only plants included in this book are mentioned.  This does not mean that these plants are the only ones which can be used in such combinations.  Rather they are a starting point that may lead to other possibilities that you may like to develop and try in your garden.

Rodger Elliot lives in Melbourne and is a leading expert on Australian Plants.  He has written many books on this subject and is co-author with David L. Jones of the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AUSTRALIAN PLANTS SUITABLE FOR GARDENS (Vols 1-8).

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