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Bay Area Gardening

Practical Essays

Master Gardeners

edited by Barbara J Euser



10.6×5.9in • 27×15cm

224 pages

index included

ISBN: 1932361308

Travelers' Tales/Solas House • 2005

San Francisco Bay Area gardeners know that the region has its own unique rewards and challenges. The mild weather is ideal for year-round gardening, but chilly fogs, frequent droughts, heavy clay soil, and a host of microclimates can vex even the greenest of thumbs. Written by local master gardeners, this collection of articles addresses the subject of Bay Area gardening in a no-nonsense manner that places an emphasis on environmentally friendly solutions. The book covers important issues ranging from garden design and landscaping to improving soil and managing garden pests with minimal toxic chemicals. Topics include fire safe landscaping; planting under oaks and redwoods; drought tolerant plants; gardening for butterflies and songbirds; as well as individual garden species, including ferns, heucheras, fuchsias, and California native bulbs.

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