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Kevin Collins, Kathy Collins, & Alex George



9.5×6in • 24×15cm

384 pages

400 colour photographs

index included

ISBNs: 1876473681 • 9781876473686

Bloomings Books • 2008

Banksias are iconic, rugged Australian plants that have been important in the lives of peoples for thousands of years.  Today, Banksias provide us with food, timber, beauty, wonder, inspiration and income.  They help us to appreciate the wildness of Australia.

This definitive book includes all 78 known species of Banksia (some only recently discovered).  It explains how to find, recognise and grow them, including dealing with pests and diseases.  Throughout the book is the story of how they were discovered and named — a story that reflects the colourful history of Australian botanical exploration.

All species are photographed and there are portraits of all the principal players in the history of Banksia.  Tables list which Banksias to grow for particular purposes such as showy flowers, groundcovers and shady places.

Alex George has 50 years experience as botanist, editor and indexer.  Banksias and botanical history are amongst his special interests.  In 1984 he wrote The Banksia Book which was revised in 1987 and 1996.  He has written eight books and 150 papers on Australian botany and described and named many new species.

Kevin and Kathy Collins have pursued their passion for banksias for 25 years, developing Banksia Farm at Mount Barker in Western Australia where all known species are grown.  Banksia Farm includes the Joseph Banks Fine Art Gallery and Cafe, a specialty plant nursery and a seed production centre.

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