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Crocosmia and Chasmanthe

Peter Goldblatt, John C. Manning, Gary Dunlop

illustrated by Auriol Batten



9×7in • 230×180cm

235 pages

14 color plates, 1 b/w plate, 14 line drawings

index included

ISBNs: 0881926515 • 9780881926514

Timber Press • 2004

      "Here at last, these beautiful bulbs are fully described and illustrated. Spring-flowering Chasmanthe is a plant for areas of mild winter, but Crocosmia can endure winter temperatures. They flower from early summer well into fall and provide wonderful displays of warm red and orange when the garden often has little else to offer except annuals. A descriptive list of more than 400 Crocosmia cultivars concludes the complete horticultural account of the genera. Superb watercolors of the species and many of the more important cultivars are complemented by charming pencil sketches of each species in its native habitat."
Timber Press

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