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Gardens of Delight

The Great Islamic Gardens

Christa Von Hantelmann

photography by Dieter Zoern



13.1×9.8in • 33×25cm

224 pages

index included

ISBNs: 3770170784 • 9783770170784

Dumont Monte • 2001

      "This lavishly illustrated book is a pictorial documentation of the great garden architecture of Islam. The reader is taken on a journey to the medieval Spain of the Moors, followed by the gardens of the 18th and the 19th century. The journey continues through the courtyard gardens of Syria and the unique old and new gardens of Morocco, ending with the impressive courtyards and mausoleum gardens of Pakistan and India. Every garden is described individually, many with plans of the layout, and its exact location. Gardens of Delight is truly a unique publication!"
Dumont Monte


Gardens In Spain
The Aljaferia Courtyard Garden
Alcazar: In The Mudejar Style
The Yellow Garden In Seville
A Diversity Of Courtyards
Gardens In The Islamic Style

Courtyard Gardens In Syria
The Garden Of A Pasha
Garden With Half-Moon And Stars
Near The Omayyad Mosque
Gardens In The Jewish Quarter
A Palace Of The Ottoman Period
Courtyard Garden By The Orontes
The Azam Palace In Hama
Museum Garden, Built Of Stone
Once The House Of Pasha Jabre

Gardens In Morocco
The Incomparable Palace
Bahia Palace: A Garden Of Eden
Star Gardens
In Early 20th - Century Style
Cortyard In The Medina
A Cobalt Blue Oasis
Surrounded By Orange Trees
The Cactus Garden
The Peacock Courtyard
The Garden Of The Villa Oasis

Gardens In India And Pakistan
Symbol Of Love
The Garden Of The Yamuna
The Palace Garden Of Deeg
The Garden Of Jahangir
Garden Of The Fountains
The Garden Of The Fort Of Lahore
A Modern Garden In Karachi

Tourist Information
Acknowledgements, Picture Sources, Imprint

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