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Bernard Trainor + Associates


The Landscape Designs of Bernard Trainor

Susan Heeger, Bernard Trainor



9×6in • 23×15.5cm

372 pages

ISBNs: 1616891300 • 9781616891305

Princeton Architectural Press • 2013

Australian-born landscape designer Bernard Trainor has made it his life's work to capture the wild soul of his adopted home of Northern California.  Neither a naturalist nor an architect, Trainor uses the tools of both to create stunning large-scale gardens that unfold over many acres.  Across airy hilltops, craggy seasides, and other one-of-a-kind tracts, Trainor applies simple, understated frames to rugged natural panoramas, the better to bring them into focus.  His understated yet powerful landscapes draw inspiration from local plants, regional history, and the contours of the site.  Designed to engage all of the senses, the sound of water, the smell of sage, Trainor's gardens create sensory memories that foster a deep connection to the land.

Landprints showcases ten of his most ambitious and inspiring gardens through gorgeous photography and detailed project descriptions.  The projects are all located in California: Carmel, Lagunitas, Salinas, Carmel Valley, Big Sur, Los Altos Hills, Santa Lucia Preserve, Monterey, and Oakland Hills.  This gorgeous monograph will be a source of inspiration for landscape architects, students, and anyone seeking inspired ideas for shaping outdoor spaces.

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