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Plants for Dry Climates

How to Select, Grow and Enjoy

Mary Rose Duffield & Warren D. Jones



10.8×8.5in • 27.5×21.5cm

226 pages

430 color photographs

index included

ISBNs: 1555612512 • 9781555612511

Fischer Books • 2001

      Packed with full-color photos, easy-to-read charts and information, this reference and how-to book is for anyone interested in dry-climate plants from California to Texas.
      Plants for Dry Climates offers complete descriptions of more than 300 species, including a variety of low-maintenance and drought-resistant plants. Over 430 color photographs and useful plant charts help you choose your annuals, perennial color, ground cover and trees.
      You will also learn how to modify the microclimate in your garden or landscape. Reduce glare and control wind and air flow to create the perfect atmosphere for your landscape plants. Combined with the detailed information on growth characteristics, uses and specific soil, sun, water, temperature and maintenance needs, you'll have all you need to successfully grow plants in dry climates.

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