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Plants for Dry Gardens

Beating the Drought

June Taylor



10.2×7.4 • 26×19cm

192 pages

120 color photos

index included

ISBNs: 0711212228 • 9780711212220

Francis Lincoln • 1998

      This guide to choosing and caring for drought-tolerant plants includes information on drought-beating gardening techniques and designs, showing how to make gardens that should flourish during a water shortage.
      The book discusses the range of climates and habitats in which drought arises, and explains the special strategies - such as light-reflecting silver leaves and storage organs such as tubers - that plants adopt to survive. It also looks at the techniques that can be applied to minimize water loss and help plants cope with dry conditions, and demonstrates a range of successful garden designs using drought-tolerant plants. A catalogue of 1000 plants that should flourish in drought conditions is included.

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