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The Art of the Islamic Garden

Emma Clark



9.8×7.5in • 25.5×19cm

208 pages

colour and b&w photos

index included

ISBNs: 186126609X • 9781861266095

Trafalgar Square • 2004

The Islamic garden on earth is therefore created to give the faithful a foretaste of the Heavenly gardens as well as being a sanctuary from the world and a place of contemplation . . .  More than ever, in our increasingly threatening times, the garden and nature provide a sanctuary away from the inhumanity that man does to man, the taste of celestial beauty being a soothing balm and offering profound hope.

Emma Clark

Islamic gardens are enchanting places.  Just the names of some of the most beautiful gardens in the world - the Alhambra, the Generalife, the Shalimar - conjure up images of calm and even divine beauty.  No visitor is left untouched by their magic.  The Art of the Islamic Garden examines that magic, describes the component parts and explains the design and symbolism to allow a deeper understanding of their beauty.  It goes on to give practical suggestions to help anyone create their own Islamic garden in a cooler climate.

An introduction to history, symbolism and the Quran in relation to the traditional Islamic garden.  The significance of design and layout of the garden explained, as well as geometry, hard landscaping and architectural elements.

Suggestions for designing the garden with water, and recommendations for trees, shrubs and flowers.  A unique account of the design and planting of HRH The Prince of Wales' Carpet Garden at Highgrove.

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