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Tangible Memories

Californians and Their Gardens 1800-1850

Judith M Taylor & Harry M Butterfield



9.4×5.4in • 24×13.5cm

475 pages

(hardback edition - ISBN: 1401094678)

index included

ISBNs: 140109466X • 9781401094669

Xlibris Corporation • 2003

California may be the golden state but it is also a garden state.  Innumerable gardens have been made since the Europeans first came, starting with the Franciscan missionaries.  The gold rush was the defining period, leading to immense expenditures by newly rich miners.

This book discusses many simple but beautiful gardens created by waves of immigrants. Gardens were necessary for food but also represented repose and leisure.  The nature and style of domestic and private gardens shape the landscape of cities and towns just as much as large civic architectural achievements.

Xlibris Corporation

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