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a scented garden in Tuscany

Stephanie Donaldson



11.3×9.3in • 28×23.5cm

144 pages

120 Colour Photographs

index included

ISBNs: 1859745903 • 9781859745908

New Holland Publishers • 2001

This book was reviewed in The Mediterranean Garden, no. 26

Many people dream of living in Tuscany, but few ever realize their fantasy.  This is the story of Don Leevers and Lindsay Megaritty, two talented Australians who in 1988, bought Venzano, an ancient Etruscan property which had plenty of land and a Roman spring providing water.  Today, their aromatic plant catalogue lists nearly 10,000 plants for sale, and their talents as garden designers and plantsmen are sought by the luminaries of Italian aristocracy.  After just over a decade of very hard work in this small paradise, they have transformed the way Italians garden.  With ravishing photography and evocative text, the author transports us to the heart of Tuscany to experience the heady scents of their lavender, rosemary, thyme, patchouli, vetiver, damask roses, lilies, honeysuckles, pinks and many other plants.  We meet the owners, their staff and clients, as well as gaining a glimpse of the the surrounding area with its food shops, markets and ancient architecture.

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