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At the urging of members of the Medit-Plants e-mail forum and others, I have set up this page to accept donations towards the support of this web site.

The creation and maintenance of the content of this site is done without funding and without "monetization" (i.e. adding annoying advertizing to our pages).  If you find this resource useful and would like to see it continue to be available, a donation of any amount can help make that happen.  While the costs of runnning a site such as this are modest (under 150USD· 135EUR per year), they are quite real.  Not having to worry about the financial side of things helps us spend more time generating content.

Contribution statistics since 2013

number of contributions


average contribution

18.34USD· 16.29EUR

smallest contribution

5USD· 4.5EUR

largest contribution

100USD· 89EUR

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Thank you for your interest in these pages and for any contribution you may be able to make.

What others have to say

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Marcello - Italy

I am very much enjoying visiting your pages.  Thank you very much for putting together such an interesting website.

Mary Turner - Spain

I am learning so much about how to garden in this climate!!  Thank you so much!

Nancy Mueller - California

26 February 2013 on the Medit-Plants forum

Your book pages have opened a whole new list of books for me to borrow through the library.

Rowan Adams - Ventnor, Isle of Wight, Britain

26 February 2013 on the Medit-Plants forum

Great stuff - please carry on!

Judy Person - Pleasanton, California

26 February 2013 on the Medit-Plants forum

I do enjoy [the site] very much, and have benefited greatly, personally and financially.  The things I haven't done, especially, have saved actual money!

Ann Seccombe - California

27 February 2013 on the Medit-Plants forum

I think you have created a very valuable website - useful, attractive, easy to get around.  Thank you for obviously putting so much effort and thought into it.

I have bookmarked it to my tool bar.  Please don't give it up!!  I will be glad to donate to it's continuing existence.