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Forums for mediterranean climate gardeners

While there is an ever expanding variety of horticultural resources on the Internet, most of these are completely general in their focus, or with a special interest without clearly stating those assumptions.  There is much to be gained in the experiences of fellow gardeners in all climates, but often you yearn to 'talk' with someone who directly understands your unique horticultural challenges and successes.

These discussion groups were created to foster these ideas and promote the dissemination of information from gardener to gardener.  Many of us are struggling with similar problems and can benefit from solutions dreamt up halfway around the globe.  Join us in expanding our unique horticulture and appreciation of plants mediterranean.

Two forums hosted by the gimcw team

The Medit-Plants email forum (active since the 1990s)

Mediterranean Climate Gardening on Facebook

Other forums

The MGS Forum

"A place for discussing mediterranean plants, cultivated and wild, as well as every aspect of gardens and gardening.  It is open to anyone, members and non-members alike and ontributors post photographs of their plants and gardens, ask gardening questions including plant identification, give tips from their experience, offer expert advice etc."

The mediterranean climate garden group on Flickr

"This photo pool is about how a summer dry, and relatively mild, winter-wet climate molds our experience of the landscape and naturally creates a design vernacular common to gardens in any of the 5 mediterranean climate regions of the world.  Photos approved for this pool hope to show the tremendous diversity possible within that understanding."