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The mediterranean climate gardening Facebook group

While the Medit-Plants e-mail forum was still active, there was some expressed interest in sharing photographs of plants and gardens.  Because some people's mail systems still found attached images difficult to handle (this was in the mid-2000s), I started looking around for other options for sharing images.  A Facebook group was one of the options I explored, and after its creation, it ultimately lead to a lively and interactive exchange on that social media platform, superseding Medit-Plants.

Today - the start of 2017 - the mediterranean climate gardening Facebook group has grown to over 2,000, more than four times the number of people ever subscribed to Medit-Plants at any given time.  While there are the 'regulars' who post to the group in accordance with that designation, more and more people are sharing their photos, stories, and gardening exploits.  It is also a place to share interesting articles or posts from other groups that are pertinent to our mediterranean climate gardening focus.

To keep our focus clear, discussions about the 'mediterranean-ness' of other climates is discouraged.  People from other climates are welcome to participate but it is confusing to many just learning about the mediterranean climate to have tangential explanations about why Cornwall in the UK or Portland in Oregon are 'mediterranean'.  Similarly, if a person wishes to take issue with how mediterranean climates are designated by experts, or the relative merit of using this designation over others, this is also discouraged and should be discussed elsewhere for the same reason just mentioned.

Seán O'Hara

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