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The Medit-Plants email forum

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The Medit-Plants email forum has been around since the mid-1990s.  In 2017, because the original UC Davis platform changed their default settings, I moved the list to a new location.  Here is how you can join the group at its new location.


To join to the Medit-Plants discussion, send an email to medit-plants-request@freelists.org with the word subscribe in the 'subject' field (please note that this request email address should be used ONLY for subscription management).  You will be sent an automatic response from ecartis@freelists.org with instructions about confirming your subscription request.  After following these instructions, you will receive a welcome message with information about the group.  When anyone posts a message to the group, you will then receive that message as an email.

When you join, you might check on what the recent discussion might be as you subscribe (see 'Archives' below).  Please note that the archives will include messages from the old list as well as this new list, allowing them to be searched using the same web interface (many thanks to Christopher Lindsay of Hort.net for working with me to make this happen!).


After your are successfully subscribed, you will receive any new post by the group's subscribers.  To post your own message to the Medit-Plants group, send email to medit-plants@freelists.org.  Please be sure that your 'subject' field reflects the topic of your message (an aid to help others find messages in the Medit-Plants archive).  The volume of Medit-Plants is relatively low, so you may not receive a message from the group right away.  Tip - many people create an email 'filter' in their own email to collect Medit-Plants message into a folder so that then can be easily browsed.


Messages can have attachments (e.g. photos), if you wish.  Please be sure to use standard file extensions (such as .jpg, .gif, .pdf) that are accepted by MOST computers as each person will need to be able to open these files on their unique computer platform.  Freelists.org has a maximum message size of 5MB (a brief message with two attachments of less than 2MB will go through).  Along with resizing an image smaller, consider cropping it to show the specific details you wish to share in your post.  Attachments are also archived by Hort.net (see next item).


To view Medit-Plants archived messages, starting from 1997, visit www.hort.net/lists/medit-plants/.  If you would like to discuss a message found in the archives, it is helpful to copy/paste the pertinent lines into your current email along with the message's date and sender information.  Contact information for subscribers found in the archive may also be out of date, and the group cannot provide current information for these subscribers.