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The typical leafless shoots of Amaryllis belladonna, emerging at the end of the mediterranean climate summer.

Amaryllis belladonna L.

aw…maw…R⋅R⋅RUUHL…lihs  bell…lah…DOHN…nah

Amaryllidaceæ Amaryllidoideæ Amaryllideæ Amaryllidinæ

Has also been placed in Liliaceæ

Amaryllis : Greek: a shepardess from classical poetry • belladonna : fair or beautiful lady

naked ladies, belladonna lily, Jersey lily, Guernsey Lily, Barbados lily Afrikaans: maart lelie (March lily) Català (Catalan): lliri de Santa  Paula, lliri de Santa Cristina, lliri de  mar Español: amariles, azucena de San Miguel, azucena de Santa Paula, la suegra y la nuera Française: lis belladone Italiano: amarillo, belladonnalilie Português: açucena-do-cabo, lírio-beladona, bordao de Sao Jose, meninas para escola Türk (Turkish): pembe trompetler Ελληνική (Greek): αμαρυλίδα

العربية (Arabic): أمارليس עברית (Hebrew): אַמאַרי, אמריליס יפהפה

Native to the Western Cape of South Africa but now commonly grown in mediterranean and similar climates worldwide.