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illustration of Danaë racemosa

Danaë racemosa (L.) Moench 1794

dah…NAW…eh  r⋅r⋅rah…keh…MOH…sah

Asparagaceæ Nolinoideæ

Has also been placed in Ruscaceæ, Convallariaceæ, Liliaceæ

Danae : (see text) • racemosa : racemus - stalk of a cluster; a bunch of grapes

Alexandrian laurel, poet's laurel, soft ruscus Español: ruscus, rusco de racimo, laurel Alejandrino Française: laurier d'Alexandrie, lauréole, fragron à grappes Italiano: ruscus, rusco, lauro Alessandrino Português: ruscus italiano, Alexandrino louro Ελληνική (Greek): ρουσκοσ, μυρσινη Russian: Даная ветвистая

native to Greece, Turkey, Syria, Azerbaijan, Iraq & Iran, often in disjunct populations widely separated from each other